Uckfield Neighbourhood plan gets new Chairman.

Richard Judge has been elected Chairman of the Uckfield Neighbourhood plan steering group. The steering group are currently asking residents to complete a survey about “Key Issues” for Uckfield. This survey has already received a number of responses since it was launched at the Uckfield Festival. We need more responses from a wider demographic in order to create a policy document that reflects the aspirations of Uckfield residents.

There are a number of changes planned for Uckfield over the next few years. The town centre regeneration has already begun. Be sure to visit the drop in session on Friday 3rd October at the Civic Centre to find out what will be happening in the town centre over the next few years. There are 1000 homes planned for Ridgewood Farm as well as other smaller schemes that already have planning permission. This will no doubt have an effect on local infrastructure and services.

While all these things are going on it encourages people to think about the town and voice their opinions. If you want to have some say in development in the future of Uckfield then get involved and complete our survey.


We are also looking for volunteers to be members of the Steering Group. Our next meeting is at the Civic centre on 16th October 2014. Contact chairman@uckfieldplan.co.uk if you have any questions.

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