16 April 2016 Policy Event

We presented our polices at an event at Uckfield Civic Centre and people came and made comments.


Among other things, you highlighted:

  • Community – The need to have more concern for people who are old and/or disabled
  • Retail and Economy – A desire to have more variety of shopping such as a market (with a greater variety of goods than the Farmer’s market)
  • Housing – A greater proportion of small homes so people can get onto the housing ladder or downsize when they are older.
  • Environment – Protection for green spaces.
  • Transport – Better walking routes to encourage people out of their cars.

You are obviously concerned about the impact of the Ridgewood Development – telling us that the bypass is already overloaded and you have concerns about capacity and at Doctors and UCTC.

Finally, we need people for the steering group, who are leading the plan. We meet about once a month on a Thursday evening and decide next steps etc. Our next meeting is on Thursday the 5th of May in the Civic Centre. You are welcome to come along.

There are also lots of opportunities to get involved by giving feedback, join workshops and eventually, vote on the plan.

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2 Responses to 16 April 2016 Policy Event

  1. tenshyi says:

    A large out of town supermarket should be considered. The site by the Maresfield dump would have been perfect for an out of town retail facility.

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