Wealden’s Local Plan

There was a consultation on Wealden’s Local Plan just before Christmas. Across Wealden 413 people commented, a few of which were from Uckfield. Wealden people who commented included landowners and developers as well as ordinary residents.

The results have been analysed and recommendations made. It looks like some assumptions are being questioned, so Wealden as going to raise some concerns with the Secretary of State.

Of the two questions about Uckfield.

  • Question 12 is about the town centre. 13 people commented with more people supporting the preferred option than not. The recommendation is that they proceed with the preferred option for testing. Also that “any potential loss of green space or other infrastructure will need to be considered and off set if necessary. In addition, any impact of potential development on the character of the area will need to be considered further. It is proposed that this will be discussed with Uckfield Town Council as part of continuing dialogue on this matter.”
  • Question 21 is about where to put new shops etc.  Wealden’s preferred option for more floorspace in Uckfield Town Centre is to the west of the High Street, north of Bell Lane, east of Belmont Road, Luxford Field and car parking area. They said there were a low number of responses with 50% in favour and 20% against with similar concerns to above. “It is recommended that further work will be undertaken to consider the concerns raised.”

Uckfield’s Neighbourhood Plan needs to fit in with Wealden’s Local Plan.

This was discussed by Wealden at a meeting on the 20th of April. Details and documents with the responses on their website.

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