Steering Group Meeting – 7 June 2016

Here are my personal notes from the meeting. The official minutes will come out later.

We discussed getting a Consultant to look at the work we have done so far. At the moment we are reaching out to a couple of consultancies including one we have used already.

We discussed comments on the draft policies.  Since the exhibition we have had two contributions:

  • In one, a local person said “A large out of town supermarket should be considered.”  My understanding is that this is unlikely to go forward as (a) the supermarket chains are less enthusiastic about out-of-town sites than they were years ago and (b) the Neighbourhood Plan has to fit in with the Wealden Local Plan (which is currently being redone), which has allocated shopping areas nearer the centre.
  • The other was a letter from a developer, who had concerns about one of our housing polices.

We will be having a stand in the field at Uckfield’s Big Day out (Saturday 9th July) and look forward to seeing you and hearing your ideas about the town.

The was some discussion around the Eastbourne Road planning application. The Manor Park and Hempstead Fields Residents Association’s application to make The Dene an “asset” has been acknowledge by Wealden.

We discussed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which developers must pay to the Local Authority (Wealden) towards infrastructure. The Government’s Planning Practice Guidance web page says that the Local Authority must pay at least 15% on priorities agreed with the local community rising to 25% if there is a Neighbourhood Plan or Neighbourhood Development Order.

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