AirS – Scope of Work

Things have been a little quiet on the Neighbourhood Plan lately. However, it looks like we are rolling again. Essentially, as reported earlier (…/26/action-in-rural-sussex/ ) we brought in Action in rural Sussex (AirS) to help us structure what is going on. They have now provided us with a “scope of work” outlining what they propose to do for us with estimates.

The Statement of Work outlines how AirS might assist during the various stages of creating a neighbourhood plan. For example, options might include:

  • Project Management and Review
  • Governance and Inception (lines of accountability etc.)
  • Communication Plan
  • Review of evidence base, which includes existing surveys and Local Authority planning information
  • Steering Group and Key Stakeholder workshop
  • Community engagement
  • Preparation of the draft plan
  • Then taking it through submission and referendum stages.




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