Appeal Against Newick Decision

At the beginning of December, there was a considerable upset to Newick’s Neighbourhood Plan. Although it had been voted into force by referendum, the Secretary of State’s (Mr Javid) decided to allow a developer to build 50 dwellings at the Mitchelswood site in Newick.

Although it’s not Uckfield, it is disconcerting to see the Secretary of State overturn a Neighbourhood Plan in this way. However, it seems that Newick isn’t going down without a fight. Baroness Cumberledge, who lives in Newick and is a Conservative Peer, has instructed her lawyers to appeal against the decision.  The Sussex Express article explains:

She said: “We are challenging the Secretary of State on the granting of a specific planning application in the grounds set out in our appeal document.”

ITV’s website has a photo of the meeting at which Baroness Cumberledge made the announcement.


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