Uckfield TCR (High Street Works)

Uckfield TCR have issued minutes for their 27 Jan meeting. This is key set with a lot of information. Final Update on Stage 2 of TCR:

  • Stage 2 (the High Street) is done – there are some snagging/additional items to be dealt with, such as protective rails.
  • East Sussex CC will monitor traffic flows to judge the impact of the works after some other works are complete.
  • Stages 3 and 4 will be lead by Jon Wheeler, East Sussex’s Team Leader for Strategic Economic Infrastructure.
  • Stage 3 is the bus station. Apparently there was consultation in 2013 and detailed plans will be created in 2017/8 – with consideration being given to the provision of public toilets.
  • Stage 4 is “to improve movement and access on the corridors into the Town Centre.   The Town Council was being consulted on these proposals in the next month and its input would be welcomed.”


There were also warm words for Uckfield – The Future group, who kept the public informed, pushed the message “Uckfield is Open”, told people where they could park and organised a series of events to encourage people into the town. The Public Reports document (section 4 pg 15 in the PDF file) says that “Weald and Field” on Luxford Field was so successful that Uckfield Town Council is now looking to hold a similar festival in August 2017.


We have heard reports about the Uckfield Reinvestment project (adding a shopping area to the West side of the High Street) being put on hold with the next meeting being held in Summer 2018. The reasons outlined here are:

  • school being unable to release land at this time without a market return
  • low level of interest in development from major food retailers
  • insufficient interest from the budget retailers
  • projected lack of residential development capacity to support such a scheme.

It also says:

“The position in relation to Holy Cross School would be subject to further consideration in the future if and when additional primary school places were required as result of residential development, including the Welbeck scheme, but this was unlikely to be until the mid-2020s.”

Wendy Tagg, 10 Feb 2017




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