Newick – Baroness 1 : Government : 0

At the beginning of December, there was a considerable upset to Newick’s Neighbourhood Plan. Although it had been voted into force by referendum, the Secretary of State’s (Mr Javid) decided to allow a developer to build 50 dwellings at the Mitchelswood site in Newick.

However, Baroness Cumberledge, who lives in Newick and is a Conservative Peer, instructed her lawyers to appeal against the decision.  In March, the Sussex Express reported that Sajid Javid (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) had decided not to contest the Baroness’s challenge.  Newick is not quite out of the woods as the developer may choose to contest the challenge instead.

The Sussex Express  (March 17) says:

The letter [from Government lawyers] said “My client, having carefully considered the matter, concedes that the above decision should be quashed because the Secretary of State failed to take into account the ‘Broyle Gate Farm appeal decision’ and specifically the finding in that earlier decision that development plan policy CT1 ‘should be regarded as up-to-date for the purposes of this appeal.”



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