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Volunteers needed to Join the Steering Group 

Next meeting, Civic Centre – 23 Feb, 7-8:40pm

We need more people on the steering group. The steering group will be deciding how to respond to the consultant’s report and sorting out roles and responsibilities.

You don’t have to be an expert in planning – I’m certainly not! You just have to be willing to roll your sleeves up, get involved and help figure out what people in this wonderful town want for their future.

If you want to join, please come along. You can also contact us via:


A Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared for Uckfield.This is a new type of plan and provides us with a great opportunity because, if approved at local referendum, the policies contained within the document will directly influence how the town develops over the next 20 years. Click here to complete our survey.

To help us draw up a plan that reflects the needs and wishes of the local community, we are carrying out an initial Key Issues Survey. We want to understand what the important issues are for the people of Uckfield.

Please complete the survey here:
Uckfield Your Opinions Survey
You can find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan and why it is needed by visiting the Uckfield Neighbourhood Plan website.
We also provide updates on our Facebook page.


4 Responses to Get Involved

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  2. Jeremy Hallett says:

    Richard Judge said there was scope within the Neighbourhood Plan structure to provide community green space but it was difficult with this piece of land because it already had planning permission on it and was already included in Wealden Council housing numbers. SANGS fears There was a question about the extent to which the allocation of SANGS (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space) for the Ridgewood 1,000 homes might enable more homes to be built elsewhere. The fear was that 180 homes would be built at Mallard Drive rather than the 113 currently approved. Richard said the allocation of SANGS was larger than required to mitigate the 1,000 homes but Wealden policy at the moment was that there should be no more development than was already planned and so it was unlikely that more homes than approved could be built at Mallard Drive. – See more at:
    Given the above and the fact that the Ridgewood Farm planning application encloses land (from memory 11 acres) owned by a different developer which could be another 80-100 properties can that land be recommended to be added to Victoria Pleasure Ground as it is the fields just below the current football pitch & Uckfield needs a larger site rather than small sites typically given by developers. For example we are probably having to accommodate Uckfield Bowls at Ridgewood Rec as WDC is reclaiming their existing site so Uckfield will lose a football/knockabout cricket area.

  3. Does anyone have any details of the plans for the redevelopment of Holy Cross School/ Luxford playing fields. Only just heard about them and very concerned about the idea of a third major supermarket in the town. Has anyone seen anything to see exactly what they plan for the area to look like and what impact it will have on Belmont Lane?


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