Neighbourhood Portion of CIL

CIL  is Community Infrastructure Levy. This is a planning charge for local authorities (e.g. Wealden) to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of their area.

In short:

  • CIL money must be spent on infrastructure by the Local Authority.
  • There is a Neighbourhood Portion that goes to Uckfield Town Council.
  • Without a Neighbourhood Plan, the Neighbourhood Portion is 15% and with one, it gets 25%.
  • The Neighbourhood Portion needs to be spent on something that ‘support the development of the area’.
  • The Town Councils should discuss their priorities with the charging authority during the process of setting the Levy rate(s).
  • The Neighbourhood Plan should identify those priorities.

There is more detailed information on the Planning Practice Website.

There is no CIL payments for Ridgewood Farm as the Wealden have a legal agreement based on the old section 106 system.