Policies – Community

Community policies, based on the comments you made, as presented at the 16 April 2016 Neighbourhood Plan Policies event. We would like you to comment on the policies.  For a complete set and information on how to comment, see Policies.

Beware that the policies are WORKING DRAFTS ONLY.
They are not finalised and work continues to refine the content.

Community Policy Co1

Residents have told us these facilities are important. Any application for development of any of the facilities listed below, or change of use of any of their premises or grounds, will not be supported unless it will improve the facility or provide an equivalent local facility or the community no longer requires the facility:

  • New Barn Playing Fields
  • The Victoria Sports Pavilion and Victoria Playing fields
  • The Luxford Centre
  • Hempstead Playing Fields
  • Luxford Field
  • Uckfield Bowls Club
  • Victoria Tennis Courts
  • Uckfield Cinema
  • Children’s play areas
  • Ridgewood Playing field and village hall
  • The Dene
  • The Rugby Club
  • Buxted Park.

Community Policy Co2

Any application for housing development should demonstrate how it will help to support the social core and community spirit of the town by connecting to and/or supplementing the existing twitten and footpath network of the town.

For developments of more than six homes, it should also provide and/or develop recreational space and/or equipped play space for use by those of an appropriate age from the whole community and/or provide allotments, to supplement the community’s stock of these facilities.

Community Policy Co3

In deciding how to spend the Town Council’s share of the Community Infrastructure Levy that will accrue from development, priority should be given to provision of improved facilities for sports including provision of play facilities for the very young and recreational facilities for the youth, and consideration should be given to also assisting supporting the continued feel of community with support of events and other community facilities.

More about Policies

The Policies page has links to policies for the other themes, a document containing all the policies and an invitation to comment.