Policies – Housing

Housing policies, based on the comments you made, as presented at the 16 April 2016 Neighbourhood Plan Policies event. We would like you to comment on the policies. For a complete set and information on how to comment, see Policies.

Beware that the policies are WORKING DRAFTS ONLY.
They are not finalised and work continues to refine the content.

Housing Policy Ho1

All new housing shall be of designs that respect the established sense of place and local character of the existing buildings in the area of the development and its surroundings. Compliance with these requirements shall be proven at the planning permission application stage, by demonstrating that the building designs meet the criteria within local development guidance. Equally the builds must meet the highest national standards of sustainable construction and energy efficiency.

Housing Policy Ho2

Development of windfall housing within the existing urban boundaries will be supported. The use of brown field sites for such development is to be encouraged. All such developments should address flood issues as in Environment Policy En9.

Speculative development proposed on land adjoining the current urban environment will not be supported if the local infrastructure is not there to support it and the urban spread leads to loss of and harm to the local environment.

Local plan requirements to meet the national housing stock requirements must be subjected to the closest scrutiny and consultation and will not be supported without clear evidence that every other alternative siting option, for such developments, has been rigorously examined.

Housing Policy Ho3

To ensure community vitality and cohesion the national policies on the provision of smaller and affordable homes should be the single most important criterion in the consideration of any proposed development. This is critical to satisfy the needs of older residents, single parent families and young couples.

Proposals to develop more social housing for the community will be supported and encouraged as a long term objective for the town.

Housing Policy Ho4

All new housing shall have an adequate provision of on-street parking spaces for residents. In addition, in the case of each of the developments permitted by Policies H1, H2 and H3, an off-road area shall be provided for visitors’ parking.

Building design standards will require all new build properties have garages large enough to accommodate modern family cars and including an electric charging point. Developments that provide on-drive parking for a second car will be supported.

Housing Policy Ho5

New developments should be designed such that blocked off cul-de-sac layouts do not become no through routes for pedestrians. Cul-de-sacs layouts with safe pedestrian routes between the houses, within a wider network of footpath/cycle routes provides better access and encourages exercise.

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