Policies – Retail

Retail policies, based on the comments you made, as presented at the 16 April 2016 Neighbourhood Plan Policies event. We would like you to comment on the policies.  For a complete set and information on how to comment, see Policies.

Beware that the policies are WORKING DRAFTS ONLY.
They are not finalised and work continues to refine the content.

Retail Policy Re1

To retain and protect the current appearance, character and variety of shops in the High Street the consolidation of smaller units into a larger one will not be supported.

Ways will be investigated to encourage Landlords and owners to ensure their external property maintenance is such that it is complementary to the High Street as a whole.

Retail Policy Re2

To promote a greater range of choice and variety of retail offering to meet community need, applications that add to the retail offering and particularly have the appeal to draw more customers into the High Street will be supported.

The development of retail sites away from the High Street will not be supported as it could result in trade loss and closure of existing High Street businesses.

Retail Policy Re3

The High Street area must be kept as a lively, vibrant ‘living’ centre of the Town which supports local services. Residential use of floor levels above the existing shops is to be retained and supported.

In addition a degree of non-retailing business around the High Street is desirable. These would include hi-tech companies, service providers, financial and legal service all complementing the current successful businesses. The change of residential use to other classifications would not be supported.

More About Policies

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