Policies – Transport

Transport policies, based on the comments you made, as presented at the 16 April 2016 Neighbourhood Plan Policies event. We would like you to comment on the policies.  For a complete set and information on how to comment, see Policies.

Beware that the policies are WORKING DRAFTS ONLY.
They are not finalised and work continues to refine the content.

Transport Policy Tr1

Seek to develop new and improve and repair existing cycle paths and footpaths to provide a network for health and social benefits together with encouraging similar facilities on new developments.

Transport Policy Tr2

When a new school is being established or highway changes around existing ones, serious consideration given to vehicle parking provision and road safety measures including a 20mph speed limit.

Transport Policy Tr3

Support the re-instatement of the Uckfield to Lewes rail line.

More About Policies

The Policies page has links to policies for the other themes, a document containing all the policies and an invitation to comment.