The Vision

The Uckfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has put together the following Vision Statement for the future of Uckfield.
What do you think is important for Uckfield’s community?

  • Uckfield is our town.
  • It will continue to be vibrant with the character of a small market town and a strong sense of community;
  • this will be shared by the majority of people living in Uckfield;
  • People of various backgrounds, qualities and interests will be valued, and their thoughts respected without discrimination;
  • Education will be encouraged and catered for across all age groups;
  • Our open spaces and green environment will be safeguarded and valued;
  • There will be access to a wide variety of leisure and recreational activities;
  • Green technology will be embraced and all future development will give high priority to sustainability;
  • Our town will be open to sensitive growth and development; it will not be averse to change;
  • There will be an entrepreneurial spirit in which businesses will flourish;
  • Our town will provide opportunities for each and every one of its residents;
  • Our transport infrastructure will have improved, be efficient and be sustainable;
  • Uckfield will be a place in which people of all ages and backgrounds value spending time.

What do you think? Is it right? What would you change?

2 Responses to The Vision

  1. Peter Griffiths says:

    Do not copy the council and forget the large number of people who live in the surrounding areas. You state, “Uckfield is our town”, and “this will be shared by the majority of people living in Uckfield”. You are right, but at the same time you are wrong. The town will only flourish if the people in the surrounding villages continue to use it. The shops and businesses cannot survive solely on it’s inhabitants, and remember, the outlying villages pay rates too. These go to pay for the Fire Station, the Police, the Hospital, the roads and much, much more.

    • uckfieldnpsg says:

      Yes the surrounding villages are important to Uckfield and its position as a market town. Neighbouring town councils and their neighbourhood plan groups will be consulted. The legal framework for a Neighbourhood plan culminates in a referendum on the plan policies. This is only open to those within the plan area. The surrounding villages also have the opportunity to create their own neighbourhood plans. Some of the surrounding villages have chosen not to do so.

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