Community Engagement

To find out what the community want, the Steering Group is conducting surveys and asking your opinion at events.

We’ve put together policies based on your comments and showed them to in our most recent event on the 16th of April.

Uckfield’s Big Day Out, 9 July 2016

We had a stand at Uckfield’s Big Day out, let people know what we’ve been doing and listened to your ideas.


A number of our visitors said that they would like to see more paths/cycleways between different parts of the town to save getting in a car to go round three sides of a square. A couple mentioned a desire for an athletics facilities. While large transport projects are beyond our remit, we’ve noted that several people said that they would like to see the railway line extended to Lewes and others are concerned about busses.

Policies event, 16 April 2016

We presented our policies at an event at Uckfield Civic Centre and people came and made comments.


Among other things, you highlighted:

  • Community – The need to have more concern for people who are old and/or disabled
  • Retail and Economy – A desire to have more variety of shopping such as a market (with a greater variety of goods than the Farmer’s market)
  • Housing – A greater proportion of small homes so people can get onto the housing ladder or downsize when they are older.
  • Environment – Protection for green spaces.
  • Transport – Better walking routes to encourage people out of their cars.

You are obviously concerned about the impact of the Ridgewood Development – telling us that the bypass is already overloaded and you have concerns about capacity and at Doctors and UCTC. There is a document containing all the comments.

Uckfield’s Big Day Out 2015

Phooto of Big Day Out.

Comments that you put on post its and added to our map are in Meetings and Documents.

7 March 2015 Event

7 March 2015 Event showing community attending presentation. You came, and listened.Post its with ideas.

Comments and documents related to the 17 March event are listed on Meetings and Documents.